March 11, 2016

What's Happening In My Life!!

Helllloooooooo! I just wanted to give an update on my life and how everything is going! I've been kind of absent from my blog lately, which I really hate by the way, so I wanted to talk about what's been going on lately.

I'm almost over with my first year of college! Thank God! It seems like this school year has lasted 50 years so I really hope these next 5 weeks fly by and summer comes quickly. College has definitely been interesting! (I might make a post all about Freshman Year of College) I currently go to school in Arizona which is so different from where I grew up. I'm a California girl through and through so going to Arizona was probably not the best choice for me but I am thinking about transferring to a school in California so I'm so excited, it's something for me to look forward to!

I changed my major this year as well and I couldn't be happier! I went from a business major to pre-med. Yeah, it's a big jump but I've always been interested in medicine but wasn't confident enough that I could get into Med school. But when I really thought about it I would be happier trying instead of always having that "what if" in the back of my head.

My goal is to become a sports medicine physician for either the NHL or NFL. So fingers crossed!

I'm moving into my first apartment this August! I'm excited but not so excited about having 3 random roommates. It'll definitely be interesting! I can't think about any other things to mention so I'll just post some pictures of the last couple of months! (:  (I dont have much because I had to recover my phone which deleted all my pictures D: )


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