March 11, 2016

Silver & Black by Tyler May

Does love have a cost? 

Brian Silver is CEO of the world’s largest coffee house chain in the world, Silver Coffee. Growing up in a wealthy family, Silver had it all: money, fame, and any man he wanted, but that was never enough. Silver wants more. After a tragic health event that leaves him vulnerable in life, he realizes that business will not bring him the happiness he needs, and he’ll do anything to find that happiness.

Greyson Black is a coffee house barista in one of the Silver Coffee chains in downtown Manhattan. Greyson is finishing school and determined to find the best path for his life. When Brian Silver makes a "surprise" stop at the franchise, he’s more than intrigued by the young, gorgeous Greyson. Silver knows there’s only one thing that he must have now, and he will do whatever it takes to get him.

When Silver and Greyson get together, sparks fly. Silver is perfect in Greyson’s eyes, but is love blind? A mysterious stranger is out for Greyson, and the mind games have just begun. Greyson starts to question everything, including Silver’s advances. When Danger is lurking around every corner, no one is safe. Greyson will have to determine if love is worth the danger and excitement.

Can attraction be fatal, or will attraction be the saving grace Greyson needs? Will Silver’s secrets ruin them or will someone else have the first shot?

Love is blinding, but suspicion is the real killer.

I have such a headache from reading this book!! But it's not from what you're probably thinking. I refused to put this book down! I was starring at my iPhone (because I was reading the book off of iBooks) for so long I got a headache! But that did NOT stop me! I continued reading because I loved this couple so much. 

When I first started reading this book, I have to say I was so confused. At first they called each other Mr. Silver and Mr. Black but then they would address Mr. Black as Grey and I was just sitting there so confused! I never read the summary of books I kind of just grab them and let them surprise me so I had no idea what their first names were but I was sitting there and said to myself "Grey Black? No I must've read something wrong" But no his name is really Grey Black. It's really Greyson Black (which sounds way better) but I just thought that either the author didn't think that one through all the way or they just really like their colors. 

Other than that confusing moment I loved everyone, even the secondary characters. Due to the fact that I had no clue what this book was about at all everything was such a surprise and the author did it so beautifully! I couldn't put the book down I just had to find out what was going to happen next! I'm telling you guys this book was so intriguing and such a page turner.

Overall, I loved this book! Silver and Grey were so cute and charming you couldn't help but fall in love with the two. This book had it's twists and turns and at some points you didn't know who to trust which made the book even better because it was so suspenseful and gave this book something more than just an ordinary love story.

“How do you have such self-control?” I grin sitting next to him on the couch. He utters words that make my heart melt. “Because you’re worth the wait.” 


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