About Liv

All About Liv

I'm 19 years old and I've been obsessed with reading for so many years now I can't even give you an exact year of how long it's been. My poor friends have always had to listen to me ramble, yell, laugh, or cry about my books and so I've decided to give them a break and share my ramblings with the internet on this blog. I hope you enjoy! I usually read romance, young adult, different types of supernatural series and on occasion high fantasy. An overall constant in my books has to be romance, I'm a sucker for love. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ramble along with me. 

I'm currently attending a university in Arizona as a pre-med student. I hope to one day attend medical school so fingers crossed guys because it is a long journey ahead of me! As time goes on my blog is slowly evolving. I named it Liv's Love because as much as I love books there are other things I love that I also want to share. I'm slowly adding new and different posts such as music I've recently discovered, life updates, and other things I've really wanted to start posting about. I've started posting at least one new post a day, whether its a book review or something else, because I have really wanted to get into making more posts. 

I'm super open to meeting new friends that have similar interests as me so please don't be shy to leave a comment or recommend me to another blogger that has similar posts. I've discovered how huge this community is and I'm so excited to meet new people.

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