December 12, 2016

13 New Songs I've Fallen In Love With!

If you have read my blog before you can guess that it's usually all about books and what I'm currently reading right now. However, I am currently on winter break from my university and I have so much time on my hands. You guys can't even imagine! I'm a pre-med student so I'm constantly busy so having all of this time on my hands is getting me kind of stir crazy! So my plan is to open up my blog topics to basically everything!

These are songs from an array of genres since I listen to practically every genre (but a few) and thought I'd share some of my recent downloads (If I continue to make this a thing I really need to come up with a better title) Also I'll be attaching the link to Youtube so all you'll have to do is click on the song to hear it!:

This is a cute love song that you just want to close your eyes and sway to.

I love this version of this song! On my phone I have the studio version but whenever I'm listening to it on my computer I ALWAYS play their live version! It's just so beautiful and also this version features Nathan Sykes while the studio version features someone else. You need to watch this video and look how adorable Nathan and Jesy look at one another.

I don't really listen to this band all that much but I heard this song and that one line always gets me! It says "I don't want your body, but I hate to think about you with somebody else. Our love has gone cold, you're intertwining your soul with somebody else". JUST YES. Also, I realized how LONG the intro to this music video is so skip to 3:00 in the music video and all should be good!

I first heard this song at a Coyotes hockey game and the whole crowd clapped at all the right parts and my roommate and I had no clue what was going on. I still laugh thinking back to our expression when the WHOLE arena was jamming out to this song and we had no clue what the song was even called!

I love love love finding new music by artists I've never heard of before! This song just makes be feel good and happy.

Did you guys know that Miley's little sister sang? Because I sure didn't! This song gets stuck in my head soooooo often!

Told you I like different genres! Heard this while I was in the gym and I was lowkey jamming out to it.

Also didn't know that Niall was making his own music?? It was a surprise to me too! I really like this remix because then I can play it while I'm working out!

I feel like this is another one of those feel good songs. I just wanna be blasting this song while driving by the beach with the windows rolled down.

Once again another feel good song that I like to jam to!

Got to through in some of my Spanish music! You don't have to be fluent in Spanish to know that this is a good song.

One more Spanish song for y'all. This song just makes me want to dance!

This is a trap remix of the song Roca Roca by Mc Brinquedo. I can't find this on Apple Music but I really like the remix to this song!

*Let me know what you guys think! Which songs did you like? Did you see any new songs up here that you've never heard of before? Also, leave me a comment of some new songs you've found recently that you've loved!

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