December 15, 2016

Bay's Mercenary (Unearthly World #1) by C.L. Scholey


If you read my previous rambles, you'd know that recently I've been a little too obsessed with alien books. I just think it's so interesting!

I stumbled upon this book while looking at a list on Goodreads and without even reading the summary of the book I picked it right up! I couldn't help it, I just love these kinds of books!

This book, however, was definitely different than the other ones that I've read. Usually the alien males look like human males or at least very very humanoid. Sometimes they look human but have a slight difference in them. Sometimes it's the fact that they can shape shift or their facial features were just a bit different. This book, though, these aliens didn't look human at all. I'm not even sure how I pictured these aliens to be honest. I don't know why but I kept thinking of a hot Yeti looking thing.
(tbh I tried to find a "hot" yeti, and believe it or not there wasn't one)

I know, I know. That doesn't sound appealing AT ALL. Usually when you read the book you want to lust after the main male character in it but this one doesn't sound like it will fit that bill. I was put off at first, not really feeling the whole "battle mode" which meant the male would grow in height as well as their teeth and nails elongating. Also they kept mentioning how Bay (the human woman) didn't have wrinkles so they didn't understand how she could grow so that led me to believe the males had wrinkles all over them which allowed their skin to grow.

I would be lying if this imagine didn't keep popping up in my head when they mentioned they had wrinkles. I'm not sure why but I was just hoping it didn't look anything like this lmao!

To be honest I kind of would forget the details of what the men looked like and when I read just thought of them as hot tall men. I really enjoy this story though. The men got SUPER adorable at the end *sigh* so adorbs.

I wish this book was longer though. I feel like the author could've gone more in depth on the journey Bay was on when things went horribly bad and she was kidnapped. I really wanted to learn more about that and how she ended up in the position she was in. Even though I felt like the author could have gone more in depth on some parts of the story I didn't feel like things were super rushed.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and if you are into alien-human books like me I feel like you'd really like this book too! I'm excited to see where this series leads because I feel like there's so many cool directions this series could go into! I haven't checked but I feel like this author could make a spin-off series with the Castians (Honestly I forgot how to spell that alien race and I'm too far away from book to check but if you read the series or are interested in reading the series you'll know which race I'm talking about)

*** Just a little side note! I've decided to stop putting the summary's of the books on my reviews because honestly I don't even read the summary's for books. I kind of read the first line or so and usually just grab it and read it. I've come to realize that blurbs of books tell way too much and it's been getting so annoying lately (hence why I stopped reading them). Who wants to read a book when they basically know all what happens in it because the book blurb told you basically everything already? That's why I'm only giving a couple of "hints" you could say, so you can get the gist of what the book will be about!

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