February 11, 2016

Boarded by Love (Bellevue Bullies book 1) by Toni Aleo

Jude Sinclair here, hockey player for the Bellevue Bullies and lover of all ladies. Hockey’s in my blood, and not to sound full of myself, but I’m good at it…really good. The draft is within my reach—it’s mine to take—but that’s not the only reason people know my name. They know me because of my way with women. They know the score, and I aim to please. I just tend to stay away from repeat performances. In other words, I don’t do relationships beyond my family and friends. I’m happy with life. However, I should warn you that my story and how I see it playing out is about to change due to a certain redhead on campus. 
She’s beautiful. Stunning. Breathtaking. 
She’s my game changer. 
He’s trouble from the moment I see him. I don’t know what I’m thinking, but from the moment I meet his gaze, I’m his. It’s a scary feeling. 
I’ve never trusted anyone outside my aunt and uncle—and even that took months. I didn’t have it easy growing up. My mom was usually strung out, and she didn’t give me a second thought. Drugs and the men who paid her were more important to her. It was horrible, but I’m stronger today. Because of my past, security is what I need most. Money assures me that I can take care of myself today, tomorrow, and next month. I don’t want to ever be hungry or go without again, so I work hard for every penny. 
Oh, by the way, I’m Claire Anderson. I’m a hard-studying sophomore at the University of Bellevue, dancer for the school dance team, and a burlesque dancer at a club, but that’s my secret. 
You may think you know how our story ends, but you have no clue. It’s not easy falling in love… or living happily ever after. At first it may seem so, but when is anything worth having ever won without a fight? 
Especially when you’re boarded by love.


I couldn't put this book down at all! It made me swoon, smile like an idiot, laugh and want to cry in some parts! Toni Aleo really hit it out of the park and since this is the first book I've read of this author I'm even more happy to find another amazing writer!

I love stories when the guy knows he's met his match and can tell that this girl is a game changer and that is exactly what Claire was for Jude. Jude was sweet, sometimes a little corny with his facebook posts, and sexy as hell! *Swoon* my love for hockey players won't ever end it seems! 

My favorite character out of everyone would really have to be Claire. I loved her personality and she didn't let her past bring her down, but strengthen her and empowered her to do better in life. It was beautiful. I also loved her confidence, especially coming from a childhood like she did her confidence never once wavered and it was admirable. I love reading books with characters that just make me almost look up to them and make me want to be confident too. 

The overall story was amazing as well. I loved how even with the amazing nonchalant scenes there was still that air of anticipation from me. I was just waiting for something to happen which is great because it leaves the reader turning the next page just craving for what's to happen next.

Only one thing I'd like to change!! The cover. It's very misleading on what Jude looks like. He's a hockey player so he's huge and muscular and just overall the cover isn't accurate on how he is described in the book and it's kind of a pet peeve of mine. But other than that I loved this book!

Oh & one more thing I think it's funny that if they get married her name would be changed to Claire Sinclair!!

*Side note: I know this isn't the format and criteria I usually do with my little rambles but since I'm a pre-med student and school has started up again I decided that even though I'm not doing all the things I used to do at least I'm still writing and reading even if it takes me awhile to post. Hope everyone is doing well! (:

Love, Liv

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