December 10, 2015

Playing to Win by Jaci Burton (Play by Play #4)

This book is cute, but not unusual from the other books in this series. I strongly suggest reading these books in between other books and not to read them all in order like I was trying to do. I only suggest this because they are all similar in the "someone comes and meets the main character and then they fall in love". Which is really the main storyline in most romance novels but after reading 4 of these storylines back to back it kind of gets old especially since there's not a lot of problems that arise within the story and I love stories that take me on a rollercoaster. Not that these books aren't good but they're all standalone and don't necessarily need to be read in order. I call series like these "fillers" something to fill the time in between other series or if you need to fill the urge of reading a cute simple romance novel. This wasn't to discourage anyone from reading this series in one go, because you definitely can just giving a little heads up!


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