November 22, 2015


The first time I watched Mockingjay, yes I watched it more than once guilty!, was Thursday night. They say "Midnight Premier" but I watched the movie at 8pm and the man selling me popcorn commented how busier it was before. I'm not sure why they say the movie it is coming out Friday when clearly it's starting to release earlier and earlier each year. 

I've read the books and to be honest wasn't all that impressed, but because I love when books go to the big screen I couldn't resist seeing all of the movies. The first couple of movies were good, I enjoyed them a hell of a lot more than the books and this last movie was absolutely amazing! To the point that I went back Saturday night to watch it all again and still loved it!

This movie was pack filled with action and suspense. The entire time I was engaged and anticipating what would happen next. A few parts even scared me! Because I read these books years and years ago I only remember the major things that happened in the book and not the small details so the majority of everything seemed new to me.

This was by far the beeeeesst Hunger Games movie and I hope everyone can go see it! Definitely make sure to go see the previous Hunger Games movies, all of them! I know that's obvious, but on Saturday I took a friend of mine and he had only seen parts of the first Hunger Games and Mockingjay Part 1 so after the movie I had to give him a full recap on the first three movies so he'd know what just happened. But he loved this movie all the same!

Go watch it y'all!


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