December 27, 2015

Play Nice (The Devils Share book 1) by L.P. Maxa

Rock a stadium. Bang a chick. Repeat. As lead singer of The Devil’s Share, Dash Conner could get anything or anyone he wanted—until he met Lexi Grant. 


For Dash Conner, lead singer of The Devil’s Share, everything he wanted was his for the asking. Whiskey. Drugs. Money. Sex. But not Lexi Grant. For the first time since he picked up a guitar, a girl was actually demanding he woo her. For a chance with her, Dash would do that and more. 

Lexi Grant was no groupie. Just because the biggest rock star in the world smiled at her didn’t mean she had to fall into bed with him—but it was going to be awfully hard to resist that impish smile and those tatted abs. Surely one night of fun wouldn’t hurt anyone. 

Unless that night ends with a broken condom. 

For Lexi and Dash, that’s just the beginning. Add an overly affectionate pit bull, a missing guitarist, a house full of sorority girls, a junkie ex-bandmate and an extreme aversion to Jäger, and it’s either a recipe for disaster or true love.

Overall Thoughts:
This book wasn't what I was expecting at all but I still liked it all the same. This book had a cute love story and is a very easy and quick read to pass some time!

This is a short book, like I've mentioned earlier so it shouldn't be such a surprise that the love between Dash and Lexi literally happened every night. It was cute and I adored the two of them but I wish it would've seemed a bit more realistic. The second book in the series focuses on another band member so as of right now the love story between these two are finished and they have met their happily ever after.

I guess I'm just used to reading realistic love stories lately, even though the main character has be a rock star the love they share and what happens seems real. As cute as Dash and Lexi were it was very "perfect". I think they had one "real" fight and it had only lasted probably 3 minutes. However with a book only containing 134 pages, you can't work with much when it comes to an extravagant plot line.

I feel like there are a bunch of question marks with this book as well. Things would be hinted at or come up in the book that weren't answered at all. I'm sure she will answer them in later books, however it would've been nice to end the book feeling like everything was complete so we can move onto the next band member feeling like we were ready to.

Also, on last thing, the summary for this book...shake my head. It literally gives every single thing away. Like everything major is in that summary and gives the reader no surprises. Like, come on.

I really did like the characters in this book. They seemed like a family and it just made you want to be a part of that family as well. 

Dash was so adorable, and my heart melts whenever a bad boy rocker turns all romantic once he knows he's met "the one". 

I also loved Lexi, or as Dash calls her "Kitten". Lexi is this beautiful women who's confident, sexy, immediately comfortable with anyone around her, and sometimes as Dash put it "Kitten's got claws."

Favorite Quotes:
"I couldn't help but laugh at this situation. A rock god was flirting with me over the sound system in a sold out stadium."
-Lexi's POV
"Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future."
-Dash's tattoo
"I was pacing, pulling at my hair, and punching the air. I even did a few ninja air kicks; I'm not ashamed.
'Dash, will you please stop assaulting the air and come in here?'"
-Dash's Pov

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