December 27, 2015

Maybe Baby (The Baby Series book 1) by Andrea Smith

When college student Tylar Preston goes to work for the wealthy Sinclair family stables in Bristol, Virginia in the summer of 2011, she quickly meets with unexpected events and the disturbing unraveling of her past. Is her past destined to taint her future?

Rescuing Tylar from unspeakable danger, Trey Sinclair, a handsome but arrogant high-powered attorney from Atlanta makes it his mission to protect the innocent and unworldly young woman from the dreams that hunt and haunt her. Spirited and independent, Tylar proves to be a challenge to the stubborn and relentless young lawyer. Together their often bumpy journey weaves itself mysteriously, comically, passionately and erotically down a path that promises to engage and move the reader in this emotionally stirring story.

For anyone who has ever been in love or in lust, MAYBE BABY will stir those forgotten feelings of passion and yearning within you; making you ageless as you travel the romantic and erotic journey with Tylar and Trey as they unravel the secrets of each other.

Overall Thoughts:
I couldn't even finish this book, it wasn't what I was expecting at all unfortunately. 

I didn't like the main character. I felt like I couldn't connect with her and that she was just all over the place. She was hard to like to be honest. I love strong female characters and to me she wasn't. She was a naive, compliant girl who didn't have a backbone. People would talk down to her or give her orders and she'd just go with it. When they do flashbacks of her mother and how her mother treated her she never once spoke up against or even thought badly about how she was being treated. She just kind of took the abuse and that was that.

Maybe I just hadn't read too much into the novel but to where I left off, I felt like I didn't know Trey. He was this angry man we met for two seconds and then all of a sudden super overprotective over Tylar. They spoke only a handful of times before he's all over her and she's trying to proposition him into bed and I'm just left there like ??? and feeling like I missed something between them because there was NO CHEMISTRY.

How the author set up the story line was interesting. After Tylar had hit her head she started having nightmares and she even admitted she didn't know what was true or not so how are we, the readers, suppose to discern what really happened or not. There we instances that I felt really bad for her but then I have to think "Did that even really happen?" I feel like not knowing what was really happening and what was her just dreaming up stuff just messed up the character development of Tylar.

Hmm. Well Trey sounded hot so that's a plus. I felt like there is potential in this novel but it just wasn't for me at all. Hopefully someone else finds this book more enjoyable and entertaining than I did.

What were your thoughts on this book? Did you enjoy it?

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