November 21, 2015

Im HORRIBLE! (and Mini Mini Review)

WOW! I'm so bad at this! I've been so stressed with moving to my new school and all of the coursework I've disappeared from the scene! I'm still reading so that's good, but I stopped writing. I feel like whenever I have one of these comeback posts I always say how I'm going to start writing more but I really hope I do because it hasn't been good for me lately.

If you've ever moved somewhere new, or just feel like you've been all by yourself you'll know what I'm going through. I just moved out of my house and into the dorms at this university and I feel miserable. I miss the beach, my family, my friends and I miss having a purpose. I feel like I'm wasting my life away currently, which I know isn't true because I'm getting an education but my life is really missing something and I'm not sure what. Hopefully by writing again I will find my purpose. Fingers cross.

I'm currently reading the series by Jaci Burton, Play by Play. It's a series of many many books about men in professional sports finding love. Because you know me I love my hunky men and love! I love these books they make my heart pound and my heart clench! I wish I could find a love like that! At some points the things they say are super cliche and sometimes I want to roll my eyes and say "People don't say those types of things!!" but I love the characters too much to care for more than 2 seconds. I feel like all romance books have that fantasy side to them when it comes to how they talk. They say the perfect things at the perfect times, which all make the book amazing but sometimes I need the rawness of reality with my characters...note SOMETIMES! I couldn't read hardcore raw reality love books because that will just make me depressed. I love my fairytales and happily ever afters.

Anyways!! Back to my mini review on the series, I currently just started the 4th book of this series a couple of days ago and I don't think I've made it past the first 2 chapters. NOT because it's not good, but because I have ZERO time it's depressing.

However! When I do finish this book, expect a review! I'm back lovelies! I've missed my blog. It needs some lovin' from it's mama.

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