August 6, 2015


It has been so long since I've been on my little blog I've missed writing so much!

I just needed to post to tell why I've been MIA for so long! So I've been obsessed with Sherrilyn Kenyon's series. Obsessed isn't even the word I would use, maybe addicted. If obsessed and addicted had a love child that would be me with this series... I kid you not. I CAN'T HELP IT! It's so good! I'm reading all of the Dark-Hunterverse so there's about 40 books....I know right. 

Sherrilyn is just feeding my addiction I honestly blame her and her amazingness for my lack of posting. I can't tell you what book # I'm on because I've honestly lost track. I want to say book 20 or maybe its 19? I literally finish one book and start the next one without pause. Like I said obsessed...
But in all seriousness how could you not be in love with this series?!

You have 
daimons (vampire like creatures that suck your soul instead of blood..yum?), 
gods and goddesses (of different pantheons! so its not just the Greeks), 
shapeshifters in which some their base form is an animal and others whose base form is human!, 
immortal warriors
and just so much more! 

I love how complex these novels are. She did an amazing job!  
Because I was literally reading these books so fast and LOVED every single one of them and they're all really one big plot line (kind of its hard to explain you'd have to read and follow along!) I thought it'd just be so repetitive to write reviews for every single one. I would've annoyed myself. So I was going to write one long one at the very end. I just didn't realize how long this would take! I'm juggling my addiction with my job, packing to move and vacation. BUT I REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON THIS SERIES OR TAKE ANY BREAKS! So if I have any loyal followers out there please bear with me! 

Also, if you haven't read this series 1) I highly recommend that you do and 2) start from the very beginning and if you want to read everything in ORDER look at this website so you know the correct order to read this in regardless of the series it was originally designed to. 

Thank you!

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