February 23, 2015

Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren

What happens when you create rules to keep others out?

One thing Emerson Moore has come to terms with is that she is the school slut. She knows her way around a frat house and how to get what she wants. She doesn’t make any excuses for her actions and she doesn’t pretend to be anything different. She is who she is and with that she knows how to have a good time. She’s made rules to keep relationships at bay and avoid the demons of her past.

When her best friend, Cole has his two friends from back home move in with him she begins to think she has met her match with Jaxon Riley. Jax is the perfect mixture of tattooed muscle and a sweet-talking mouth. With “hand” written notes, a voice that exudes sex and knowing just how to get under her skin, Jaxon learns how to break all the rules. But will he just end up breaking her heart anyway?


I always love reading something a bit new. Something that is a little different than what I'm use to & this is one of those times. Nowadays authors depict the main girl as super innocent and 9/10 she's a virgin. Nothing wrong with that but like I said it seems like that's the case for a lot of books I have been reading lately. However, not with this one! Emerson likes to have fun with a lot of guys. She's not ashamed of it and because she has her 3 rules no one gets hurt. I love how she isn't bothered what people say about her she just brushes it off and goes on her merry way. 

When Jaxson & Jace are introduced let me tell ya I do not know how Emerson doesn't immediately get with both of them! THEY ARE HOT! Not only that but both have amazing personalities and are all around great guys. 

I loved how in this book there was a lot of things happening. It wasn't just one conflict that the book revolved around and that's it. Multiple conflicts happened sporadically which made the book interesting and a page turner for sure! 

I really liked this book and I wish I could read more of their story! I couldn't put this down to be honest! I stayed up late just to finish it and see what happens. 


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