January 21, 2015

In The Band (Luminescent Juliet #1) by Jean Haus

Due to her parents recent divorce, Riley has given up her dream to stay home and take care of her little sister and hopefully help mend her mother's broken heart. After Marcus convinces her to audition for a local band, she starts to feel like things might not be that bad. But after hearing terrible news she's willing to leave everything; the band, her drums, even the new guy she's starting to fall for. 

I truly enjoyed this book! I love reading books about college kids, their lives always seem so interesting. Riley is an amazing drummer, she could probably go to the big times but that's not her goal in life. She loves the drums because when she's playing she's not worrying about her mother's depression or mothering her 8 year old sister. She's in her own little world when she's playing. It's her escape from reality, and that's why I admired her so much that she was willing to give that all up for her family.

Romeo is swoon worthy! He's all around perfect in my book. I love him!

He's a badass guitar player, a genius, down to earth, sweet, caring, compassionate, and totally yummy. His love for music is beautiful. He's so devoted to it. He's almost too good to be true on the surface, but when you hear about his past you get a sense of who he is and fall in love more.

MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE WHEN IT COMES TO CHARACTERS: I feel like authors sometimes don't know what clothing to put characters in. Riley's outfits would most be simple but there was this one instance (I wish I bookmarked it so I could quote it) that her outfit wasn't appealing when she meant it to. Now this book wasn't too bad with it, I've read way worse and I always think to myself, "Out of all the clothing in the world, that is what you chose for them." Once an author does this even if it is just one time I kind of brace myself every time a character is describing their clothing throughout the book.

I almost want to say this is a safe book however. Even though there are a few moments where drama happened there wasn't anything that made you anxious or feel any strong emotions. Sure I enjoyed it, it was a simple pleasant read, but it wasn't a book where you'd cry, laugh out loud, or run to tell your best friend about. I'm not saying those things to turn you away from the book, just a warning that it is a simple safe book. For the first book of Jean Haus's that I've ever read I did like it. It was pleasant and sweet. 


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