January 19, 2015

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Okay you've caught me. If you have noticed there's a little pattern I'm starting to follow...books containing rock stars, Whenever I read one book I just can't have enough and need to read more!!! I'm excited about this one because it will be longer than the other recent rock star books I just finished. Also, the whole series is finished so if I end up really liking this one (which I have a feeling I will!) then I can move on to the next books in the series! Eeeep! I get way too excited over rock star books... it might be a problem! To be totally honest with you I didn't even read past the first sentence of the summary. I saw the cover of the book and immediately got it...yes I have a problem it is now confirmed...

Daisy Shayne has a list. Her life has been planned out on a legal pad that she carries in her purse since she was sixteen years old. Now her list is nearly complete, she is about to marry her fiancĂ© Landon, start her new job in the fall and be completely settled. Or is she? Landon and Daisy are going on tour with his brother Grayson’s band, Shaft. For the next six months Landon will be assisting Tad, the group’s new manager. 
Daisy is now stuck on a crowded tour bus with six men when her plans start blowing up in her face. Things are not what they seem and nothing is making sense. Landon is pushing her away and Grayson is pulling her close. Daisy feels pulled to Grayson which doesn’t go unnoticed by him. Amused and unable to control himself around her Gray decides to hit on her the first moment he sees her. Gray’s new obsession is Daisy, who he deems his own little Widlflower even after he finds out she is to be his sister-in-law. Whatever it is about her he can’t help himself. He is desperate just to be near her. 
Temptation, betrayal, and lies on top of booze, tattoos, sex, laughs and love. While making friends and traveling the country Daisy must come to terms with what she wants in life. All while she learns to deal with the rough and rowdy of taking Shaft on Tour. It’s going to be a long hard ride.

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