January 19, 2015

Falling Star (Earth Scents #1) by Olivia Brynn

Adam Nash is a famous country star with a naughty reputation. He's been kicked out of hotels, been with too many girls, and lately has been drinking too much. 
Little does Jade know that the handsome stranger walking into her small florist shop, is the notorious Adam Nash. The fact that she seems to have no clue who he is intrigues Adam. Not only that, but her beauty entraps him. 
Adam will do whatever it takes to make sure Jade is clueless to his stardom, but how long can he keep up this charade?

I loved this story! Jade and Adam are so adorable! In the first couple of pages we hear about Adams notorious reputation: the drinking, the women, and his habit of getting kicked out of hotel rooms. He seemed like a total BAD BOY! Yet it was hard to believe he was that kind of guy given how he acted when he was with Jade. He seemed like a totally different man. Which I guess in his case is a good thing. If he kept up his little bad boy act then his career would spiral down the toilet. 

Jade is a normal gal which I really liked. She wasn't anything special but she wasn't boring. I do have to say in the beginning she was willing to put a lot of faith in Adam. He was super sketchy with details on his profession, purposely evading questions and it seemed odd that she was totally fine with it and went on a weekend trip with him on his boat only after knowing him for a couple of days...STRANGER DANGER! 

Good thing her best friend knew who Adam Nash was and didn't tackle her to keep her from going (which I could have so seen Dean doing to protect her). 

There was this one instance where he did a complete 180 and I had to pause real quick and flip back through the pages to see if it was a different person because it seemed so out of character & was so unexpected! During the more intimate moments he was very sweet and caring and in one scene he switched without warning and was acting like a Dom. Jade was even surprised when this happened! I've read books with a Dom in it and it's been totally fine but in my opinion it didn't seem to fit his personality.

I was super excited to read more about their story or even Dean's story but she hasn't written a book 2 in the series! It's been four years since the first story and the mini epilogue she wrote (#1.5) and there's not a for sure publishing date on book #2. (it said it was going to come out in 2013 but hasn't? or at least I can't find it anywhere.) So not so sure how I like the big gaps and unsure dates on this series. It was a good book and I would've liked to continue the series /:

I recommends this well paced story of a country star & a small town florist (:


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