January 26, 2015


So lately I haven't been reading the full summaries for books and let me tell you it has been the best decision I have ever made. I read a sentence of the summary and then will go on someone's blog and see their reaction to see if they liked it or not and from that I will decided  to get the book or not. This way the whole book isn't spoiled for me, because if you've seen my other posts I hate when some summaries basically tell the whole story. So this cuts that possibility out of the equation. I'm finding that I love this SO MUCH MORE! Because then when things happen, some of which are mentioned in the summary, it's all new to me. I love going into books blind because then anything could happen. Endless of possibilities. I recommend not reading the full summary, maybe jut the first couple lines BUT THATS IT! Maybe peek at the genres to get a gist of what type of book it is but again thats it! Trust me the element of surprise is so much better. 


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