December 19, 2015

Up @ 3AM

I've spent the last couple of hours going through different blogs and finding so many new people to follow. I love how huge this community is and how everyone sounds so friendly and sweet (if only people at my university were this nice!). Finding all these new people really brighten my whole life right now because I just moved to a new state for college and have made probably 2 friends and both of them hate reading. Since I was in my first semester of college I was super busy and really stressed about getting good grades I could probably count the amount of books I read on one hand, which to be honest really depressed me. Now that I'm on break I have more time to read (which I've been doing nonstop) and blog. Finding people with similar interests as you is so important and since I've been so down lately, I really needed this!

It seems like I've switched one addiction to another. During this past semester I went to the gym literally 5-6 days a week. If I had missed a day I felt like crap but if I missed two days in a row I would have a mini freak out. The gym was where I let off some steam and relaxed believe it or not and like I said I didn't have time to read so this was my new fix. However, now that I'm home I'm back to reading 24/7 and going to the gym like twice a week. I've been back for almost a week and a half and have probably gained 4 pounds. It seems like the freshman 15 doesn't kick in until you come home for the holidays!

I'm writing this post because 1) I'm kind of avoiding the book I'm reading right now. I'll go into more details why once I actually finish it and write my review and 2) I'm bored and wanted to write a little something about me and how I've been feeling lately. I'm hoping that by finding more blogs and connecting more that I will start to gain more friends and more followers to interact with. 

Hopefully I didn't bore anyone too much with this little post but it's 3 am and I'm a little bored. If anyone comments I'll be sure to comment back but I doubt anyone's quite awake right now lol. I should probably be going to bed right about now but oh well.


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