June 6, 2015

Night Embrace (Dark Hunters #2) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Night Embrace" spins the story of Talon, an ancient Celtic warrior who killed the son of the god Camulus.

Camulus cursed Talon, decreeing death for everyone he loved. Now a Dark-Hunter in modern-day New Orleans, Talon meets Sunshine, who is key to ending his curse once and for all. Not to mention helping him to save New Orleans from an ancient god bent on total destruction.

See original cover listed below. The cover shown here is the reissued cover that was done seven years ago.

I actually finished this book a couple days ago but I've been so busy so I haven't been able to post my review until now which is super annoying!! I hate how busy I've been because it also took me a long time (well longer than usual) to finish this book even though it was super good!

Another amazing book by Sherrilyn Kenyon!!! After reading the first book in the series I had a feeling she was going to be a new favorite author of mine and after reading Night Embrace I WAS RIGHT! I love these books so much! I love the complexity these books have and how these characters have so many layers to them and not boring whatsoever! 

It's also fun having all types of gods and goddesses involved. She beautifully intertwined both worlds together. I've never read a book that wove together vampires and gods! Such a smart move on her part because it just makes these books more interesting and complex!

I'm so happy theres so many books because right now I never want to stop reading them! 


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