February 3, 2015

Duck! (Avian Shifters #1) by Kim Dare

Goodreads Summary:
Raised among humans, Ori Jones only discovered he was an avian shifter six months ago. Unable to complete a full shift until he reaches his avian maturity, he still can’t be sure of his exact species. 

But with species comes rank, and rank is everything to the avians. When a partial shift allows the elders to announce that they believe Ori to be a rather ugly little duckling, he drops straight to the bottom rung of their hierarchy. 

Life isn’t easy for Ori until he comes to the attention of a high ranking hawk shifter. Then the only question is, is Ori really a duck—and what will his new master think when the truth eventually comes out?
This is definitely a modern day Ugly Duckling tale, well if that tale had BDSM, human shifting into birds and lots of sex in it.

In the beginning it was really hard to connect with the two main characters in the story. I felt disconnected and didn't feel fully involved in the story. As the story progressed I felt a little more connected and felt like I knew the characters a little more. However, I still felt the connection lacking in the end.

Obviously I need to brush up on my children fairy tales because the whole time I was guessing wondering what he was going to be when he fully shifted. If you remember The Ugly Duckling story from when you were a kid then you already know what bird species Ori will shift into. So there isn't much of a surprise. 

This book was simple really. This book isn't very plot driven, more character driven. You seen Ori flourish throughout the book. You would barely recognize the strong man he becomes if you saw him in the beginning.

I've seen the cover of this book what seems like 100 times throughout the years but never picked it up for some reason. So after deciding enough was enough I decided to finally read this book. I didn't know what the book was really about other than it was somewhat about the tale of the Ugly Duckling. I'm used to more plot driven books so this was a bit different for me, but I did like it. I really liked the relationship between the two characters. It was sweet and beautiful. Both needed one another and loved each other dearly. I recommend this book if you are looking for a cute simple book containing a Dom/Sub relationship. The fact that they are avian shifters isn't forefront in this novel, their relationship is.


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