February 9, 2015

Always You by Kirsty Moseley

Goodreads Summary:
Riley Tanner has a best friend, the best friend a girl could ask for. He’s supportive, loyal, honest, trustworthy, kind, and thoughtful. He’s also the biggest player in school.

Their relationship has always been easy and affectionate, but after Riley’s month long vacation, things become a little strange. She starts to look at him in ways that go way beyond the ‘friend zone’. Add in her best friend’s rival, and things become a whole lot more complicated.


Swooooon. I love cheesy love stories like these. This is the type of book that is the cause of my high expectations when it comes to love. Boys like Clay make all guys seem inadequate and disappointing! 

Yes, their relationship maybe isn't the most realistic. Yes, some of the things they say are a bit cheesy. Yes, I want their relationship so badly! Even though it's hard to imagine this sort of story playing out in real life that didn't stop me from loving it! I love these kind of romance books. Young love is so beautiful!

Clay is such a devoted loving man that any girl would be lucky to have him! Riley or as she's called so many times in the book, Riley Bear, is amazing! I love her fiesty, compassionate and independent personality! Both characters were amazing and not once did I complain about them. Even when they said some cheesy lines, I still loved them! The secondary characters were even great!

I loved how there was drama interlaced in this book. It wasn't just about this couple falling in love, there were other elements happening that added suspense, worry and other emotions that came along with watching your favorite characters struggle. I also loved how the drama that unfolded throughout the novel wasn't given away in the synopsis. The drama that happened was unexpected and wonderfully surprising!

I thought this book was great! I definitely suggest it to anyone looking for a cute Young Adult romance because you will love this one!


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