January 18, 2015

Tempt Me Not (Wicked #1) by Lily Graison

Somehow a cabin in the woods was overbooked much to Holly and Devin's dismay. After her friend, Roxy, bailed on Holly last minute she was forced to spend their 2 week vacation alone. Or so she thought...

Devin, front man for Wicked, was forced to spend a month alone, free of all distraction. It was either that or his band falls apart. They didn't think they were going to be spending their supposedly stress free vacation with a complete stranger. With no way to contact anyone, and not in the mood to walk 10 miles to the nearest phone, they are forced to stick it out together. 

This book is roughly 100 pages. No matter what story line is being conveyed, not much could happen in 100 pages. Well, let me rephrase that... not much of a plot could happen. Everything is very rushed and they really only show the first 3 days of the trip and then skip 2 weeks in the future when she's leaving and then there is another skip a couple of months to where they are now. See? Not much to it. But that's what you're going to get with a 100 page book.

Other than that fact, the story line (or what little there was) was adorable. I liked both the characters very much. (there was only really two characters in this whole book, Holly and Devin. Roxy really  only appeared for a second in the beginning and a second in the end)
If you are looking for a short story to read while you are on the search for your next book this is definitely one to read. I'm actually going to read the rest of the series to see what happens with the other band members. Like I've said before, it's hard for me to resist rockstars.

They only spent 2 weeks together but yet they changed each others lives. This is where it's very unrealistic and if this was a longer book with more meat on its bone (WOW that was a horrible metaphor eeps sorry) then I would've been really annoyed. But because this is such a short book the author doesn't really give you time to be annoyed.

There were two instances where I was like whaaa with the story:
"He was grinning, his tongue caught between his teeth."
"He rolled his tongue behind his teeth..."
These were the only instances were I didn't like because it was just weird imaginary for me. I couldn't picture these two things especially since they were said to be sexy and seductive. Didn't do it for me.
If you are looking for a short and fast read with nothing but romance then this book is FOR YOU!


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