January 22, 2015

First Bitten (Alexandra Jones #1) by Samantha Towle

After Alex's boyfriend cheats on her once again, Carrie decides Alex needs a night out. However the night took a turn neither one of them expected. While they were on their drunken way home they were attacked by a vampire shape-shifter hybrid. Alex barely escaped with her life, the fact that she's even alive is a mystery in itself. Only men survive the bite so the fact that she's alive is the very reason she might end up dead. With the help of a stranger she has to give up what little life she has and forever be on the run from the Originals. If they ever got their hands on her she'd be used to breed more vampire shape shifting hybrids that will be raised for the war against vampires. 

I think I jinxed myself with this one. I recently posted ranting how I haven't cried from a book in what seems like forever and in this book I feel like I cried too much. This book took me on an emotional roller coaster. I couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards Alex and how her life changed so drastically in a matter of moments. 

I do have to say I didn't have high hopes for this book. I'm always super skeptic about books that have a less than 4 star rating (on Goodreads) and even though this is just barely under that I was still wary whether I would like it or not. Turns out I LOVED IT. 

The vampires. werewolves and shapeshifter genre seems like a hard topic to write about nowadays. I thought the well to this genre was drained dry but WOW WAS I WRONG! 

This book is exciting, emotional, and not at all cheesy in any way which I appreciate so much! 

I really did like the secondary characters as well as the main ones. They were sweet caring and *sniffle* I wish I knew them in real life. Sol (which is the first time I'm hearing someone with that name, looove it) was a cheeky little guy! He seemed like someone who brightened up the room with his smile and on the beginning did everything he could to make her feel better and welcomed. Jack was adorable and very compassionate.

This book takes place in the UK so their dialect sometimes confused me because they said words that Americans don't say, but you can pretty much gather an understanding of what they are saying by the context. 

Overall this book was great and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series! If you love supernatural books then I suggest you read this one! 


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