January 24, 2015

Original Sin (Alexandra Jones #2) by Samantha Towle

Original Sin is book two in the Alexandra Jones series, the sequel to First Bitten.
Alex has run. Leaving everything she knows and loves … Nathan, behind. She’s a fugitive; hiding from the Original Vârcolacs who want to claim her for themselves.
Hiding in Italy, she has changed her identity and her appearance; working in a coffee shop in the quiet town of Sassano.
Then Zeff steps into her life. He’s solid, sturdy, but more so he’s human – he’s someone real, tangible, a friend throwing her a lifeline in a world of loneliness.
Believing she's safe from attack, nothing prepares Alex for what's lurking in the woods, on her doorstep, intoxicating her into a web of control and deceit.
Danger is closer than her shadow ... the hunt is on again, forcing Alex into the hardest dilemma yet.

Actually surprised that this book was rated better than the first book. This book had a bit more action in it but the first book I felt more emotionally connected to. In this book Alex actually got on my nerves a couple of times. I feel like she played the "poor me" card repeatedly. 

In this book we got to meet a new character, Zeff. And I know people are going to be shocked but I liked him WAY better than Nathan. I feel like Nathan is bordering on abusive because of the way he treated her in the first book with what he would say and its hard to see how Alex loves him. Is it all about looks nowadays? Because that's what it seems like. Sure Nathan had some redeeming qualities for a second but most of the time he was an ass. Zeff on the other hand, is a way better man. He's understanding, caring, thoughtful, funny, respectful and just overall better. If Alex didn't get it in her head already that she "loves" Nathan I bet anyone 100 bucks her and Zeff would end up together. And to be honest I feel as if the story would be so much better if they were a couple rather than her and Nathan. 

I found myself at times picking up this book after a short break and having to look back a couple pages to see what happened because I forgot. I think that's why I'm not the biggest fan of this book because I feel like if I have to reread parts to remind myself what's even going on then it's not that memorable of a book. Usually with books, it's hard for me to take breaks even for a second because I'm just so anxious to see what happens next but I wasn't like that for this one.

I thought I was going to love this series but there's just something lacking from it. I don't know what it is but it's missing something vital to the point where I can't see myself continuing on right now. Maybe I will visit back to this series, but right now I'm not going to read the next book.


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